About Us

Send The Light's founder, Doug, a few months after hearing a lesson on the parable of the talents that touched his heart and stayed on his mind, met Dr. Paul Reganathan, a missionary from India. Paul was in the United States raising funds for his multifaceted organization that he started over 50 years ago after someone gave him a Bible. Doug wanted to help support the work, but Paul was more interested in Doug coming to India to see the work firsthand and would not accept his check, but rather continually emailed him for several months, constantly telling him, "We need you in India." Doug was initially reluctant but found himself on a plane in January 2009 to Chennai, India, and during his weeklong trip there, he fell in love with the people, their culture, and their hope.

Returning home, he started Send The Light, raising funds to support the Lord's work and traveling back several times each year to help spread the Gospel. Over time the vision expanded from India to throughout the 10/40 Window, stretching from North Africa, through the Middle East, to India, and the Philippines.

Two-thirds of the world's population lives in the 10/40 window, which is 5.1 billion people, with most living in deep poverty with the lowest quality of life. Ninety percent of these souls are unevangelized yet only 10% of all mission forces go to this area.

In working throughout India and the 10/40 Window since 2009, two things really stood out to Doug:

Most of the population does not know Jesus.

There are so many different languages, over 120 in India alone, with thousands never having the written word of God, since the beginning of time.

As Nelson Mandela said,

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, it goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, it goes to his heart."

Our true desire is for every soul to be saved, and therefore, we are committed to changing the lives of others through sowing the seed. After working throughout India since 2009, we have seen a population of 1.35 billion souls who have an adverse living environment characterized by overcrowding, lack of ventilation in homes, and inadequate sanitation and water supply that no doubt contributes to childhood diseases and death.

Far too many children never have a normal innocent childhood but rather experience starvation, abuse, and sex trafficking, while needing help to obtain food, water, and the basic necessities of life.

Many people in the 10/40 Window do not have access to government assistance or the essentials they need to survive, which is why Send The Light's goal is helping others and transforming the lives of those in need of Jesus. However, we cannot do this alone. We need people like you to come alongside us—if you are willing—and become a financial partner.

We need your help

Your donations make an impact in the lives of so many through supporting orphans and widows, providing free medical services and safe drinking water, encouraging and helping students at the Bible college as well as preachers in the field, and training local Christians to translate the Bible for others to learn and grow in their faith.