The Bible: What's the Point?

The Bible - What's the Point?

Is the Bible really one continuing story from beginning to end?

The Bible is a book with many themes running throughout it and many stories making up the big picture. In this book some of those themes have been singled out-one in each chapter-and followed in the Bible from beginning to end. You will see how some of the stories with which you are familiar fit into each of those themes. As you read chapter after chapter, you will become more familiar with the chronology of the Bible. Then when you read the Bible, you will be able to recognize those themes and also the order of events.

About the author, Deanna Priebe

Deanna Priebe began developing a love for God's word when she was a teenager living in Las Cruses, New Mexico. She has been involved in leading women's Bible studies for over 30 years. She worked as a licensed professional counselor for about 10 years and is now retired from that. She lives in the Dallas, TX area with her husband of 43 years. She has two children, five grandsons and one granddaughter.

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